2p1.jpg Israel stays strong after Hamas rejects cease-fire
Cabinet meets Tuesday to discuss options

1p1.jpg Mayor: Boston, Jews have ‘really strong’ relationship
Walsh hopes to attract more Israeli businesses

Opinions & Commentary
9p1.jpg Strengthening the case for the support of Israel

21p1.jpg Emily Gelbert named chair of Hadassah Walkathon

22p1.jpg Technion’s Slifka Auditorium gets renovation treatment

Arts & Entertainment
24p1.jpg Despite doubters, Zach Braff ’s new film puts Judaism front and center
The sweet ‘Wish I Was Here’ doesn’t hide the fact that its characters are Jewish

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CHESTNUT HILL - On Sunday, Sept. 14, Hadassah will hold its...


“P omp and Circumstance” had barely begun to...

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