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Fight anti-Semitism on campus with self-defense

RE: “Harvard honors terror financier,” news, p. 1, Nov. 10:

Giving the Call of Service Award to Mr. Awad, who supports an organization committed to Israel’s destruction and the extermination of the Jewish people, is not “dismaying” or “dangerous.” It is blatantly anti- Semitic.

Deliberately presenting this award to Mr. Awad on the Jewish Sabbath is not “dismaying” or “dangerous.” It is blatantly anti-Semitic.

The Phillips Brooks House Association is Harvard’s largest student organization and must have Jewish members, yet Harvard’s entire Jewish community remained completely silent prior to this award’s presentation.

Silence is acquiescence, and that is extremely “dismaying” and “dangerous.”

Anti-Semitism cannot be tolerated. Anti-Semitism cannot be accepted. Anti-Semitism must be fought! There is a well-known adage that actions speak louder than words. There is a time “to fight fire with water,” and there is a time “to fight fire with fire.” Now is the time to provide all Jewish college students with free self-defense classes and firearms training. Only when America’s Jewish college students are proud, strong and confident will apartheid walls disappear, and awards to anti-Semites stop!



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