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NY terror act underscores Newton school duplicity

Martin Marro, a Newton resident, was severely injured in New York City in the jihad assault that murdered several of his friends from Argentina, who had come to the city to celebrate their college reunion in cold blood by a man yelling, “Allahu akbar!” It is a great and tragic irony that Mr. Marro lives in a city that, in an effort to promote world peace, feels the need to lie to its children about the actual meaning of jihad. As documented in CAMERA’s new expose on the politically correct curriculum in Newton High Schools, our children are taught that jihad refers to personal struggles at self-improvement. That is not how the Marro family experienced it. But Newton Superindent of Schools David Fleishman is determined to never let our children know what every scholar knows: that jihad has always meant a “holy war” against infidels. He needs to be fired.



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